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Momentum Recycling's New Facility will Turn Recycled Glass into Similar Glass-Related Products

The new facility will use an optical sorting process to separate clear glass from colored glass.

Momentum Recycling is opening up a new facility that will turn recycled glass into similar glass-related products.  For example, recycled beer bottles will be turned into beer bottles and baby food jars will be turned into baby food jars.

The new facility, which is scheduled to open in November, will use an optical sorting process to separate clear glass from colored glass, which will ultimately be used to make fiberglass insulation and various glass-related products.

Denver Westword has the details:

Glass is infinitely recyclable, so it’s easy to imagine that all those bottles and jars you put out at the curb every week are headed off to be melted down and remade — baby-food jars into baby-food jars, beer bottles into beer bottles, forever and ever, amen. But as Melanie Asmar reported in June 2015, the glass that residents put in their purple bins along with other alleged recyclables was reused only once — as a liner for landfills — in cities like Denver, which adopted single-stream recycling back in 2005.

But now that's changing. The city has been replacing dumpsters and those big purple bins — much to the dismay of some residents — and Momentum Recycling is about to open a long-planned facility that will be able to recycle bits of glass into something useful.

Read the full story here.

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