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Starbucks Tests out Recyclable Cups in UK Stores

Starbucks is testing out a recyclable coffee cup in its UK shops. The Frugalpac cup, which was created by entrepreneur and engineer Martin Myerscough, could help divert a large number of coffee cups from landfill.

The cup features a thin film liner that can be easily separated from the cup’s paper during the recycling process.

Starbucks plans on testing the cup to see if it meets the company’s safety and quality standards.

The Guardian has more details on this effort:

Starbucks will trial a fully recyclable coffee cup in its UK shops, which could eventually divert huge numbers of cups away from landfill.

The cup, invented by the entrepreneur and engineer Martin Myerscough, aims to reduce the environmental impact of the 2.5 billion paper coffee cups used in the UK each year. Earlier this year it emerged that only one in 400 were recycled and the rest sent to landfill or incineration. This led to calls for a ban, an idea the government rejected.

Conventional takeaway cups produced in bulk are made from paper but are laminated with plastic, making them difficult to recycle.

Read the full story here.

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