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New Sustainable Food Packaging Solutions Roll Out

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Part of the drive behind the Standcap Inverted Pouch is cutting down on waste and driving sustainability.

New innovations are coming to the world of packaging. And one of the latest is the Standcap Inverted Pouch.

The pouches initially rolled out in 2015 with Daisy brand sour cream, according to The Washington Post. The pouch rolls down like a toothpaste tube and minimizes the introduction of oxygen to help slow product spoilage.

Now, brands like Chobani whole-milk plain yogurt and Original Uncle Dougie’s organic barbecue sauces are adopting this type of packaging. Part of the drive behind the Standcap Inverted Pouch is cutting down on waste and driving sustainability.

The Washington Post has more:

Remember when ketchup turned upside down? Or when half gallons of milk grew plastic screw caps on their sides? We are resistant to change in food packaging, attached to our squeezy honey bear, Toblerone’s triangular prism, the resealable paperboard tube that houses Pringles’s neat stack of hyperbolic paraboloid chips.

But what if there’s a better way? (Seriously, try going back to doing the pinchy-pully motion to open the cardboard wings of a milk carton without mauling things.)

Something new is coming and soon you will scarcely remember when it didn’t exist. It’s called the Standcap Inverted Pouch. Daisy brand sour cream led the charge, debuting their Daisy Squeeze in 2015: a soft-sided, inverted wedge shape with a flat, flip-top dispensing closure on which it sits jauntily. It rolls down like a toothpaste tube, uses gravity as an assist and minimizes the introduction of oxygen, thus slowing spoilage.

Read the full article here.

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