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Dell Continues to Focus on Recycling, Sustainability

Dell Continues to Focus on Recycling, Sustainability

Plastics News has a good look at how Dell Inc. is moving forward with a closed-loop plastics recycling program. For the year ended Jan. 31, Dell’s program processed 3.4 million pounds of recycled plastics for reuse.

Other details:

In addition, Dell recycled 170,000 pounds of carbon fiber for laptops and 10.7 million pounds of plastics from water bottles, CD cases and other sources, which were used to make desktops and displays.

“We set out years ago to do what is good for customers, the environment and the community,” said David Lear, executive director of corporate sustainability for Dell in Round Rock, Texas. Dell released the update June 20 outlining its progress toward meeting 21 corporate sustainable goals by 2020.

Dell began a pilot phase of the closed-loop recycling project with a limited number of products in April 2014.

Read the full story here.


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