2G Cenergy Starts Waste-to-Energy Facility in Florida

An energy company is starting a waste-to-energy facility in St. Augustine, Fla.

The Orange Park, Fla.-based 2G Cenergy Power Systems Technologies Inc. said in a news release that it will launch a facility to manufacture  biogas combined heat and power (CHP) conversion equipment. The company purchased for a multimillion dollar amount a 60,000 sq.-ft. facility on a 10-acre site. It will employ about 125. Production at the facility will be gradually increased, the company said.

The company said it has installed its energy system in a variety of projects in the United States. Most have been at dairy and livestock farms, municipal waste management facilities, organic waste disposal sites and wastewater treatment plants.

“The U.S. biogas market is an important part of our group strategy and we are now vigorously accessing that market,” said Michael Turwitt, president and CEO of 2G Cenergy.

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