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Waste Management of Arizona Opens New CNG Station

The company’s new natural gas station will fuel an expanded fleet of Waste Management trucks and public CNG transports.

Waste Management of Arizona (WM) has opened its new compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station located in Goodyear along Interstate-10. The new station now supplies fuel to an expanded fleet of cleaner-running WM trash collection trucks serving residents and businesses in Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Buckeye and the West Valley.

WM’s fleet of CNG trucks are powered by engines that emit nearly zero particulate emissions, cut greenhouse gas emissions, save diesel fuel and run significantly quieter. To further conserve fuel and reduce emissions, the engines of these CNG trucks are designed to automatically turn off after five minutes of idling.

“WM is committed to running more environmentally sound operations that help keep our community cleaner, quieter and safer,” said Gabriel Hernandez, WM of Arizona district manager at the Goodyear site, in a statement. “Initially, the Goodyear CNG station will be utilized exclusively by the WM fleet of CNG trash collection trucks servicing our west valley customers. However, within six months, we expect to be open to fuel public transport haulers that have joined the environmentally wise movement and are operating trucks that run on natural gas rather than diesel fuel.”

Of the company’s total $9 million investment in the Goodyear project, construction and infrastructure of the CNG station equated to $5 million. The remaining $4 million has been dedicated to upgrading the fleet with the purchase of 16 new CNG trucks. Cleaner-running CNG trucks now constitute 45 percent of the fleet dedicated to servicing Phoenix West Valley residential and commercial customers, and there are plans to continue to grow the local CNG fleet in the future. Today, WM operates the largest fleet of heavy-duty, natural gas-powered trucks in the industry with more than 7,130 CNG vehicles at locations across North America. 

The WM West Valley CNG fleet is expected to reduce greenhouse emissions in the community by 224 metric tons per year, which equates to a 15 percent emissions improvement per truck. Additionally, 128,000 fewer gallons of diesel fuel will be utilized annually.

The Goodyear CNG is the third CNG fueling station WM has opened in Arizona. Of the now 115 WM CNG fueling stations across North America, 25 are open to the public. Once the Goodyear station joins theses ranks, it will be the first available public CNG fueling station along Interstate-10 situated between the Phoenix and California.

“Natural gas trucks are good for our customers, good for the community, good for the environment and good for business,” added Hernandez. “We are pleased to be a community partner providing superior customer service as well as operating collection trucks that have a minimal impact on the environment.”

WM plans to christen the station and its expanded fleet of CNG trucks at a grand opening celebration on February 20.

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