New Website Aids Growth for CNG Equipment Supplier

CMD CNG Energy Solutions is hoping to expand in the CNG market.

A renewable natural gas (RNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) station equipment supplier recently announced the launch of a new website to support its growth in the CNG market. Appleton, Wis.-based CMD CNG Energy Solutions, a division of CMD Corp., utilizes technology to manufacture industrial production equipment, including CNG fueling station equipment.

“We wanted to tell our story more clearly and efficiently, and that is what prompted the launch of a new website,” says Brad Schmoll, business development manager for CMD. “After our initial entry into the CNG market in 2011, our concentration was on filling immediate orders and establishing our business. We launched a public-facing website in 2014, and then further identified, through discussions with supply chain partners, customers and colleagues, a niche for our business model.”

CMD’s solutions include equipment, station monitoring, technician training, 24/7 service response and replacement parts.

“We branched into CNG fueling in 2011 and currently have our own engineering and technical service staff, as well as a 24/7/365 complete call center with trained representatives monitoring CNG fueling equipment at stations across the country,” says Schmoll.

CMD supplies equipment for fast-fill and time-fill stations for fleets and other commercial companies, for municipalities and for fuel-supplier branded stations—both public and private.

“We offer a full line of fueling equipment and add-on solutions,” says Schmoll. “Our equipment can be configured to fuel any number of vehicles. We offer remote-fueling (mother-daughter stations); modular, portable stations and full, multi-compressor stations; and controls, dryers, storage and full station monitoring plus wrap-around service.”

With fueling equipment or add-on solutions at 29 stations throughout the U.S. and Canada, CMD manufactures the “behind the fence” systems that take the natural gas from the supply source and compress it so it can be dispensed safely into vehicles. The company works with many fuel suppliers to provide its equipment for their branded stations or their customers’ stations—both public and private.

Also based in Appleton, U.S. Gain, a division of U.S. Venture Inc. and a supplier of RNG and CNG, utilizes CMD as its equipment partner for the Mississauga GAIN Clean Fuel station in Toronto.

“CMD CNG Energy Solutions was our equipment partner for the Mississauga GAIN Clean Fuel station, providing an exceptional time-fill dispenser solution,” says Pat Van Dehy, operations director for U.S. Gain. “CMD offers excellent, reliable technical solutions backed by industry-leading service and support.”

Dehy says the Mississauga station features 140 dispensers, consisting of 22 quad-host and 26 dual-host posts—tailored to Gain’s customers’ fueling needs and compliant with applicable Canadian and U.S. standards.

CMD also has been active with the Wisconsin Clean Cities Coalition to promote its products and services to waste haulers and municipalities. The company currently has a time-fill dispensing solution at a station that is exclusive to waste haulers in Toronto.

“Our efficient and flexible time-fill dispensing solutions are perfect for waste haul vehicles, which can economically fuel overnight,” says Schmoll. “Our commitment to uninterrupted fueling is important for this sector, ensuring that their vehicles are fueled and ready to complete routes on schedule.”

CMD’s 100CGS Modular Fueling System is a portable solution for waste haulers considering converting to clean CNG fuel.

“Our staff of engineers and technicians have decades of experience with CNG fueling and equipment, and our wrap-around support and station monitoring means our equipment, and our customers’ stations, remain operational, even in harsh weather conditions,” says Schmoll. “Our robust equipment meets stringent industry standards and has the best reported performance in the industry of 99.97 percent.”

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