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Swedish Food Waste App Karma Comes to London

The app will allow restaurants to sell leftover produce at a discount.

Karma, a Swedish startup that connects restaurants with destinations for their leftover food, has launched in London and partnered with several restaurants.

Food retailers can list their leftover food on the app and sell it for a 50 percent discount instead of having to throw it away. Karma takes roughly 25 percent of sales.

Bloomberg Technology has more information:

“The problem of food waste is very big here, so it’s a huge market for us,” said Karma co-founder Elsa Bernadotte. “London has an established food culture, a high degree of digitization, and is getting increasingly environmentally conscious.”

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that about a third of food produced for human consumption — about 1.3 billion tonnes globally — is lost or wasted each year. One study estimates British restaurants, bars and hotels to waste about 600,000 tonnes a year, worth about 17 billion pounds ($23.9 billion), with restaurants accounting for the largest single share.

Read the full story here.

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