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Garbage Entrepreneurs Turn Food Waste into Businesses

Garbage Entrepreneurs Turn Food Waste into Businesses

Compost Crusader LLC, Compost Cab, Bennett Compost, Bootstrap Compost, Rust Belt Riders Composting, Healthy Soil Compost and Blue Ribbon Organics are just a few of the food waste businesses popping up across the globe.

These businesses are run by garbage entrepreneurs, who see strong opportunities in food waste. From residential organics collection programs to making compost for farmland, these businesses are on the fast track for growth.

Journal Sentinel has more details on these businesses:

Part-time waitress, full-time garbage entrepreneur — Melissa Tashjian has carved out a niche helping turn smelly food scraps into a dark, rich medium to grow more fruits and vegetables.

Two years ago, Tashjian started her little business, Compost Crusader LLC, with a small, slow-moving dump truck and a handful of customers.

Today, her client list of restaurants, schools and hospitals stands at 55 and is growing by the week. Her original truck, "Torty," has been traded in, replaced by two larger garbage trucks.

Last month, Tashjian's outfit picked up 115,000 pounds of food waste and other organic material — more than four times the weight she was handling in the summer of 2014.

Read the full story here.

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