Food Waste Prevention Week 2022

March 31, 2022

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MIAMI-- Spoiled food is costing us real money. In fact, every year the average household loses $1,600 by throwing away uneaten food. In a time when nearly 35% of food produced in the United States goes uneaten–leading to significant environmental damage, wasted resources, and less money for the average American family–tackling food waste can start with just a few simple steps.

Food Waste Prevention Week, set for April 4-8, 2022, amplifies the message of food waste prevention advocates and organizations across the country: that small changes can make a big difference. The five-day event features a dynamic schedule of both virtual and in-person events, social media activities, teaching resources, and K-12 and university-level challenges. Partner organizations also have access to a full array of digital advertising materials.

With major sponsors like Walmart, the Arizona State University College of Global Futures, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Publix, The South Florida Hunger Coalition and The Florida Retail Federation, Food Waste Prevention Week has been able to increase engagement for partners across the globe. "This year, we have over 150 partner organizations that are committed to tackling food waste," said Elaine Fiore, founder of Food Waste Prevention Week and the Food Conservation Alliance. "Our partners represent various cities, counties, non-profits, NGOs, the private sector, sports teams, and even organizations from the Philippines and Kenya, all coming together to educate people about food waste and take action."

Food Waste Prevention Week will also offer its most robust webinar series yet this year, with free webinars hosted by a diverse group of leaders, stakeholders, and industry players from across the food system, including state and local governments, schools, grassroots organizations, the hospitality industry, food waste entrepreneurs, and other opinion leaders. To get involved, register for webinars and events, and download partner resources, visit

Food Waste Prevention Week is a five-day event designed to amplify the message that we can all make small changes that work toward reducing food waste, in turn saving families money and supporting a healthier environment. From education to government agencies to nonprofits, our team represents a variety of sectors that share a passion for food, education, and community. For more information, please visit

SOURCE Food Waste Prevention Week

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