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EnviroPure Systems Helps University of Illinois Reduce Food Waste

This effort goes hand-in-hand with the university's goal of being carbon neutral by 2050.

In an effort to reach its goal of being carbon neutral by 2050, the University of Illinois has reached out to EnviroPure Systems to help it sustainably reduce food waste generated in campus dining facilities.

"We are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment as well as acting in a manner consistent with our students' values," said Thurman Etchison, assistant director of university dining services, in a press release.

To help reduce food waste on campus, the university utilizes EnviroPure disposal units, which use a combination of mechanical processing and aerobic decomposition to turn food waste into gray water that either meets or exceeds municipal wastewater requirements. Currently, 90 percent of the university’s food waste is processed through six EnviroPure units, and the remaining 10 percent is composted at a local sustainable student farm.

"Waste reduction and food donation are crucial steps to a healthy food system, but inevitable prep and plate waste happens," said Jona Gallagher, national sales manager for EnviroPure, in a press release. "Colleges and universities have been leaders in the food waste reduction effort, and EnviroPure is proud to offer a safe and sustainable solution to this pressing environmental concern."

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