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Australians are Wasting Less Food Amid COVID-19

 In Australia, residents are wasting less food during COVID-19. The Australian NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment released a new study by the Love Food Hate Waste program that shows 86 percent of people are glad to live in a country like Australia that grows its own food and 70 percent appreciate farmers more. The goal of the study was to understand food management practices during COVID-19 and if changes in behavior would keep these practices following the pandemic. Fifty-nine percent of respondents said they are determined to waste less food due to the lockdown experience.

“Given the impacts of food waste on the environment, including emissions from landfill and the waste of resources in growing food only to throw it away, these findings pave the way for us all to maintain these habits which waste less food,” said Department's Love Food Hate Waste program manager Amanda Kane. 

Read the original story here.

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