Court Delays Dallas Flow Control Law Hearing Until Jan. 12

A court hearing on Dallas’ proposed flow control law has been delayed until Jan. 12.

Both the National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA) and the other plaintiffs and defendant Dallas requested a continuance on a hearing for a preliminary injunction, which originally was scheduled for Dec. 15. The U.S. District Court granted the continuance, said David Biderman, general counsel for the NSWMA, in an e-mail.

The city agreed to delay implementation of the law until at least 30 days after the hearing.

Biderman says in an interview, “Both sides thought that a postponement was in their mutual best interest.”

Biderman says Dallas hired Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, one of the largest law firms in the country, to defend its case, at a cost of $175,000. “It is clear Dallas is taking our lawsuit very seriously,” he says.

Added Tom Brown, NSWMA Texas chapter chairman, in an e-mail: “NSWMA's primary concern is the negative impact flow control will have on our ability to efficiently serve the Dallas business community.

“We hope the city will decide to rectify this situation for the benefit of the entire city.”


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