Rethinking Your Camera System ROI


Ask yourself, is the significant investment we are making in camera system delivering the maximum ROI for my company?

Fleet operations that have invested in camera and video telematics platforms know that when properly installed, drivers and the staff are educated, camera deliver reasonable ROI from many perspectives. The question is: are your investments delivering the maximum ROI that is possible today?

The fleet operation in any company is an ecosystem that each member makes a daily contribution toward success. Operations Management, Dispatch, Mechanics, Compliance, Safety, Camera Tech and Drivers makes the fleet roll out every day to get the job done.

How about a new technology investment that delivers driver assistance cameras, in-cab video, HD recording and the video telematics capability all-in-one hardware solution? Think about your company’s investment into camera tech that address the most common safety concerns of your drivers?

Enter 360º OmniVue Surround Vision Technology. When asked, Drivers report that Blind Spots around their vehicle, vehicle clearances, making safe turns and making safe lane changes are their biggest daily concerns. Stopping distance and rear end collisions ranks in the top 5 of drivers’ real concerns.


What if your camera system would deliver to your drivers 360º visibility around their vehicle while maneuvering anywhere: in the congested parking lot for commercial bins, residential routes,  or at 55 MPH making a safe lane change. 360º OmniVue Surround Vision Technology delivers this real time situation awareness to a properly trained driver. Now add on more value, 360 OmniVue has:

  1. Turn signal triggered L & R Blind Spot side view cameras that operate at any speed addressing the drivers concerns of making safe turns and lane changes.
  2. 185º Back up camera with programable grid lines to optimize every specific installation so the driver knows where the back end of the vehicle really is.
  3. Built-in 4 channel HD video recording for event capture, risk management and legal.
  4. Additional 4 camera inputs for optional in-cab cameras, road facing, box/bin interior or other specific operational needs.
  5. Optional connected video telematics with ZenduCam app platform. Live view, cloud storage and managed video review services. 

Like most waste fleet operators, you have vehicles with 3 – 6 cameras and a DVR designed to protect your brand, vehicles and company from a reactive point of view. If something happens, good or bad, you have video and can act accordingly with that proof. In fact, you have video that trigger driver coaching to change bad behavior.

Now, think differently. If your investment in camera technology and proper driver training ALSO provided real time 360º driver awareness of their vehicle’s surrounding at any speed, would accidents go down? This system delivers NO BLIND SPOTS around any vehicle! This Surround Vison Technology helps proactively address the professional drivers 4 biggest real fears when they get behind the wheel every day. If you reduce accidents, you reduce fleet downtime. If you reduce accidents, you reduce insurance claims or self-insurance payouts.  If you reduce accidents by even 30% with OmniVue Surround Vision Technology, that’s improved uptime, lower costs and less risk that pencils out. in 12 months.

360 OmniVue Surround Vision Technology is the newest part of Driver Safety Technology fleet solutions for the waste and recycling industry.


The solutions we offer are completely modular and can be customized to your operational needs. 360 OmniVue Surround Vision Technology can be installed and calibrated to any fleet vehicles, industrial equipment and even tractor trailers.


  • Surround Vision Technology
  • GPS Track and Trace
  • Collision Avoidance Systems
  • Driver Distraction Monitoring
  • Connected Camera Systems
  • Driver Paperwork Automation
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Vehicle Sensor Integration
  • Bin GPS and Fill Level Sensors
  • Asset Tracking
  • Custom API Integration


The Waste Expo 2021 in Las Vegas June 28 – 30 is the North American debut of the new 360 OmniVue Surround Vision Technology hardware. There are two all new hardware platforms, one with HD Surround Vision Camera System (Model HDNS) and one with HD Surround Vision Camera System + DVR + Connectivity Options (Model NS4)

Come visit us in Booth #1487 to experience live working systems of the two new hardware platforms. We are happy to listen to your operational needs and discuss What’s Possible for your company. You can call 562-889-5018 anytime to make an appoint at Waste Expo 2021.


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