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Online Calculator Helps Haulers Increase Container Efficiency

The interactive calculator illustrates the benefits of real-time container monitoring software.

North American manufacturer of waste and recycling equipment, Wastequip, recently announced the addition of an interactive calculator to its website that illustrates the benefits of real-time container monitoring software.

“Wastequip is excited to provide this new calculator to help haulers quickly understand the financial benefits of using Compology’s roll-off container management solution,” Kirk Warren, director of product management for Wastequip’s steel division, said in a statement. “As the waste industry continues to evolve and focus on more efficient and effective methods of tracking and deploying containers and other assets, we’re excited to be able to offer a solution for our customers.”

The Charlotte, N.C.-based company has partnered with Compology in an exclusive agreement to provide the online calculator. Compology is a San Francisco-based software company specializing in solutions for waste haulers.

“Compology installs rugged sensors inside roll-off containers to track fullness and GPS location. Knowing how full each container is allows haulers to proactively schedule work which generates additional revenue and improves routing efficiency,” says Jason Gates, cofounder and CEO of Compology. “For most haulers, reducing the time that a customer has a container by just one day results in a 7 percent increase in efficiency.”


After testing several container management technologies, Wastequip determined Compology’s software was what its customers needed.

“Compology’s sensors and software consistently outperformed other technology offerings in the harshest conditions,” says Gates. “Compology is simple to use and cost effective. It is available on new Wastequip roll-off containers and can be retrofitted to any container already in use.”

The interactive calculator allows users to enter the number of roll-off trucks they run daily along with their average revenue per haul. The calculator assumes that waste haulers can reduce the number of days on site per container by just one day, allowing the hauler to redeploy the container to another customer to generate additional revenue. All assumptions made as part of the revenue calculations are clearly detailed within the website.

“Our online calculator allows users to enter information about their business to estimate the financial benefit they will realize when using Compology,” says Gates.

The Compology system works by using GPS-enabled sensors with cameras that allow real-time location and fullness monitoring from a web-based dashboard. This allows waste haulers to manage their roll-off container inventory and know the last time the container was emptied. Using this information, haulers can reduce the number of lost or stolen containers and schedule pick-ups when needed rather than on a set schedule. Haulers benefit through reduced equipment purchases and greater revenues from improved asset management and deployment.

“The ability to anticipate when they’re full, in advance of the customer calling, brings efficiency to routing and work to be done in the future,” says Louie Pellegrini, owner of Peninsula Sanitary Service based in Stanford, Calif., a third-generation hauler and Compology user.

The foundations of Compology are tracking container fullness and location.

“Recently, we’ve released a new feature that automatically notifies customers through email or text message that roll-off service has been scheduled,” says Gates. “It also allows the customer to adjust the date of service if needed. The result is additional business, fewer same-day service requests and lower demand on customer service or dispatchers which all contribute to improving a haulers bottom line.”

Compology’s data is continually updated and available on any internet connected device including tablets and smartphones so haulers can manage their businesses anywhere at any time. 

“Wastequip is constantly being asked for ways to help customers better manage their equipment. Compology sensors allow customers to monitor where their roll-off containers are located and when they should be serviced,” says Gates. “As a result, haulers realize additional container turns and generate more revenue without having to purchase more equipment. Wastequip’s partnership with Compology is part of its strategy to deliver market-leading products and services to customers.”

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