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New Jersey Government Purchases Online Platform to Assist with Recycling Education

The app will be available statewide in early 2018.

The Christie administration is purchasing a digital program that will consolidate recycling information for New Jersey towns and counties into a single app that residents can download and access free of charge.

The app, called Recycle Coach, is accessible by both smartphone and computer. Ninety-two communities in New Jersey already have access, and statewide access will be available in early 2018, according to a statement from Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin.

“Recycling is something most of us do every day, and the Recycle Coach app will help us reach even more people to remind them about how they can help the environment,” Commissioner Martin said in a statement. “In turn, this tool will help all New Jerseyans in achieving our recycling goals and demonstrate our state’s ongoing commitment as a national leader in recycling.”

The app will allow residents to enter their address and receive information about pickup times for recyclables and solid waste in their community and what products can and can’t be recycled. They’ll also be able to access articles, podcasts and quizzes all related to becoming a better recycler.

“We’re very excited the New Jersey DEP shares our vision of an online community where residents and levels of government come together to generate better recycling outcomes,” said Recycle Coach President Creighton Hooper in a statement. “Recycle Coach makes it easier for residents to get the personalized information they need, while local governments enjoy operational efficiencies and lower communication costs.”

The state government is hopeful that access to Recycle Coach will assist in its goal of achieving a 50 percent recycling rate statewide. As of 2015, the state had recycled 43 percent of its municipal residential waste. The national average at the time was 34 percent.

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