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Mr. Trash Wheel’s Secret Society Recruiting Third Pledge Class

Mr. Trash Wheel’s “The Order of the Wheel” is recruiting new pledges who solemnly swear to protect local waterways and the environment, the Waterfront Partnership announced last week.

The Baltimore Fishbowl reported that this not-so-secret society, which was formed in 2018 in the name of Baltimore’s beloved Mr. Trash Wheel and his fellow garbage-gobbling, googly-eyed cousins, is recruiting members for its third pledge class.

Pledges can answer the Order of the Wheel’s call in true social distancing fashion. They will need to complete five tasks over a five-week period from the comfort of their own homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We wanted to make these tasks fun and educational for those with families at home, as well as a way to connect with nature and others virtually,” Adam Lindquist, director of the Healthy Harbor Initiative for the Waterfront Partnership, said in a statement. “We hope Order of the Wheel can provide a brief respite and pick-me-up during these otherwise challenging times.”

Pledges have until May 11 to sign up to participate in the Order of the Wheel’s missions.

Want to hear more about Mr. Trash Wheel?

Waste360’s NothingWasted! Podcast caught up with the masterminds behind Mr. Trash Wheel —John Kellett, founder, Clearwater Mills, and Adam Lindquist, director of Healthy Harbor Initiative, Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore. Learn about the power of simple design, what’s next for Mr. Trash Wheel and his cousins and more. Listen now. 

Read the original article here.

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