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Modern Waste Products to Offer BioHiTech Analytics Platform on its Smart Compactors

BioHiTech's IIoT platform will help to further improve utilization rates, and to increase the overall efficiency of waste handling at a customer location.

BioHiTech Global Inc., a green technology company, announced that BINPAK Compactors, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Modern Waste Products Inc., will offer customers the option of installing BioHiTech's IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) data analytics platform on its compactors to provide utilization information, improve customer service  and reduce overall usage costs.

The BINPAK compactor provides a self-contained system that holds up to six times the amount of trash, compared to other standard size waste bins. BINPAK Compactors are designed to work in small spaces with a low height and create a cleaner waste area free of odor with a design that deters animal and pest attraction. The additional visibility provided by BioHiTech's IIoT platform will help to further improve utilization rates, and to increase the overall efficiency of waste handling at a customer location.

"We are excited to be offering the integration of our IIoT cloud platform with the BINPAK compactor to help increase customer efficiencies and reduce overall customer costs,” Bill Kratzer, chief technology officer at BioHiTech said in a statement. “We believe the platform we have developed for our own food waste digesters has significant possibilities for use with other industrial equipment and this relationship provides us with an excellent proof of concept opportunity. By harnessing the power of industrial IoT data, we can help people fully realize the power of their equipment investment to gain improved service levels and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. We look forward to leveraging the use of our platform to provide significant value to BINPAK customers."

"We see the ability to offer real-time data analytics to our customers as a huge product differentiator for BINPAK,” Mark Hanson, president of Modern Waste Products, said ina  statement. “By providing our customers with visibility into actual waste generation patterns relative to equipment usage, we can give them the tools to make better and quicker decisions about their waste collection requirements, leaving more time to focus on their business."

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