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Lytx Launches Dashboard to Help Refuse Fleets Monitor Devices

Article-Lytx Launches Dashboard to Help Refuse Fleets Monitor Devices

Lytx Launches Dashboard to Help Refuse Fleets Monitor Devices
Lytx’s Device Health Report monitors the overall health of installed Lytx devices, including overdue for check-in, recurring power disconnects and ignition not detected.

Lytx, a global provider of video telematics, analytics, productivity and safety solutions for commercial and public sector fleets, recently launched its Device Health Report, designed for fleet managers to monitor the overall health of their device installation.

The Device Health Report supports all devices from the San Diego, Calif.-based company. It’s a dashboard in the Lytx online account user interface, which is available to all clients as part of the Lytx Video Platform.

“The Device Health Report is a straightforward dashboard to help fleet managers easily monitor the overall health of their installed Lytx devices,” says Jim Brady, vice president of product management and user experience at Lytx. “It captures the device installation issues they experience most, such as wiring errors, tampering and devices getting disconnected during vehicle service. By helping to ensure devices are connected and functioning properly, our report helps them prevent missed incidents and associated critical insights that lead to opportunities for improvement and safer fleets.”

It monitors the overall health of clients’ installed Lytx devices, including overdue for check-in, recurring power disconnects and ignition not detected.

Lytx Launches Dashboard to Help Refuse Fleets Monitor Devices

“Our goal is a world where no commercial driver—whether in local distribution, long-haul trucking or in waste and recycling—is ever the cause of a collision,” says Brady. “Our technology supports clients in achieving safer drivers and fleets and improved productivity and efficiency. We see results in the form of lowered frequency and severity of collisions and improvements in specific behaviors, plus lowered operating and insurance cost for fleets.”

Waste and recycling companies often work at odd hours—either early in the morning or late at night—and they also have to deal with urban environments, challenging traffic patterns and complex, crowded locations, according to Brady.

“Our cutting-edge machine vision and artificial intelligence technology specifically address the unique challenges waste and recycling companies face in operating efficiently and safely, with the goal of helping our clients have visibility into what’s happening with their fleets in these environments so they can proactively address them,” he says.

“Lytx’s redesigned product portfolio has so many more rich features that help us better understand our operators and risks so we can put our best and safest fleet forward,” said Diana Finkle, fleet manager at Dallas-based MV Transportation, in a statement. “One of my greatest fears is that we’re going to miss a serious incident or important information because a camera is unplugged. The new dashboard is straightforward, cohesive and easy to read, and I really like the long-term progress reflected in the trend graph, showing us we’re headed in the right direction to protect our drivers and assets.”

Lytx Launches Dashboard to Help Refuse Fleets Monitor Devices

In addition to the Device Health Report—part of the Driver Safety Program—Lytx offers fleet tracking and Department of Transportation-compliant electronic logging device and analytic services.

“Lytx’s machine vision and artificial intelligence algorithms are constantly advancing, increasing its ability to identify and alert for risky driving behaviors,” says Brady. “With insights derived from its database of more than 100 billion miles of driving data and more than 1 million drivers, Lytx’s unique data set represents the largest database of curated driving video in the world.”

Lytx also is compatible with other third-party camera systems that can surround a fleet vehicle, which allows the fleet manager to see not only in-cab and on-road risky behaviors but also monitor what is happening around the truck.

“Of course, none of this is possible if a device is unplugged or improperly installed. With the Device Health Report, fleet managers can ensure their Lytx devices are operating at peak performance and that they are maximizing the insights they are gleaning from their Lytx platform,” says Brady.

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