While some people turn their noses up at self-destructing technology devices, a group of researchers at Iowa State University see the concept as an opportunity to change recycling, medical implants and even war.

The researchers have developed a new transient battery that increases the usefulness of self-destructing batteries by doubling its voltage to approximately 2.5 volts and decreases the time it takes to dissolve.

ExtremeTech has more information:

The concept of self-destructing technology takes the inherent consumption at the heart of consumer electronics and brings it to the forefront. There’s something many people find almost distasteful about tech that’s designed to destroy itself — even if the timeline for that destruction is longer than the device could realistically last. Nonetheless, the idea of self-destructing technology is immediately applicable to problems of waste disposal, and further out than that, the ability to have a device or device component literally melt away could end up changing the abilities of a number of industries and even warfare. This week, researchers at Iowa State University got a lot closer to that goal with a new transient battery that could power self-destructing electronics.

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