Maine Approves Metech to Aid in E-Waste Recycling

Maine Approves Metech to Aid in E-Waste Recycling

Maine has approved Metech Recycling to help private and public sector entities comply with the state’s electronic waste recycling law.

The Worcester, Mass.-based Metech Recycling was approved to be an e-waste consolidator for municipalities and manufacturers to meet Maine’s e-waste law.

The 2004 law established a shared responsibility policy for the recycling of end-of-life electronics generated from homes.

Approval as a consolidator is based on technical ability, financial capability and cost competitiveness. Metech is e-Stewards certified and meets or exceeds Maine's requirements regarding environmentally sound management of e-waste, the company said in a news release. Metech said it doesn’t landfill or export any hazardous e-waste material. All hard drives on systems that are recycled are securely shredded to ensure data security.

"We are pleased that Metech Recycling chose to work with Maine and the electronics manufacturers to provide for environmentally sound recycling of eligible e-waste from covered entities," said Carole Cifrino of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. 

"Metech Recycling is honored to support Maine's Recycling Law and municipalities across the state," stated Chris Ryan, President of Metech Recycling. "Maine is one of the states that is leading the way in addressing the growing problem of household electronic waste." 



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