Green Geek Electronics Recycling Opens Indiana Plant

Green Geek Electronics Recycling is opening a facility in Linton, Ind., expanding its range of service.

Green Geek said in a news release that the new facility in its headquarters city allows it to offer its service to companies across the United States. Founded a year and a half ago, Green Geek originally served organizations in Indiana and Illinois.

Green Geek Electronics Recycling, a division of Node 1 Technology Inc., was launched following the implementation of the Indiana Electronic Waste Program in 2009, which requires that e-waste be handled by certified collectors and recyclers. The company collects e-waste from organizations at no charge. Green Geek also provides secure data destruction.

“Our new location will allow us to handle more electronic waste from large organizations nationwide, which amounts to a cleaner, more environmentally friendly future for everyone across the country,” said CEO Jake Thatcher.



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