Covanta Starts E-Waste Recycling Business

Covanta Energy Corp. has launched a new electronic waste recycling and disposal business.

The new company, ECOvana, operates a Philadelphia facility that recycles e-waste such as computers, monitors, mobile phones, printers and televisions. The facility uses a combination of manual disassembly and an automated shredding system to separate materials into commodities for recycling, Covanta said in a news release.

The facility serves customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic, New York, New Jersey and New England.

ECOvanta has been recommended to receive the R2 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications for proper e-waste recycling. Everything that comes through the ECOvanta facility is sold or recycled as a processed commodity according to R2 standards. ECOvanta also audits all downstream vendors to ensure that they also are recycling properly.

In addition, the Covanta subsidiary also offers secure destruction services for customers who require assured and certified destruction of their electronic equipment. 

“We are excited to be launching this new venture into e-waste recycling,” said Seth Myones, Covanta Americas president. “It is a growing market, and we see a great opportunity to a provide proper, responsible way to recycle and dispose of these materials as more and more people become aware of its importance.”



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