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WasteExpo 2019 News and Product Updates

Article-WasteExpo 2019 News and Product Updates

A number of companies had news announcements to share as WasteExpo 2019 got underway.

The kick off of WasteExpo 2019 brings news from Wastequip, Terramac, End of Waste Foundation Inc., Flaming River, Coretex, PegEx, Sears Seating, Global Routing Solutions, Harris Waste Management and FleetMind Solutions Inc.

Wastequip Kicks Off 30th Anniversary Celebration at WasteExpo

Wastequip will kick off its 30th anniversary celebration at this year’s WasteExpo. The company also will mark this industry milestone with a series of internal and external events throughout the year.

“The anniversary is an excellent time to highlight the company as an engine of progress and driving force for positive change in the waste industry,” said Wastequip in a statement. “Attendees are encouraged to see the record number of new products Wastequip will launch at this year’s show. Show attendees are also invited to join Wastequip executives at the Wastequip booth #523 for birthday cake and a champagne toast on Tuesday, May 7 at 12:30 p.m. PT.”

Wastequip was created in 1989 to consolidate the highly fragmented and regionalized waste equipment manufacturing sector. The vision was to provide the rapidly growing base of large national haulers a one-stop shop for their most significant needs including standardized equipment, highly durable products, inventory availability, faster delivery and outstanding customer service needed to continue their growth trajectory.

To achieve this goal, the company immediately set out to establish an extensive North American manufacturing and service footprint. Over the next 30 years, the company systematically acquired top companies from tarping systems and vacuum trucks to hoists and carts, including Toter; Galbreath; Pioneer; Mountain Tarp; Cusco; Go To Parts; Accurate; and Amrep, a manufacturer of waste truck bodies.

The company is hosting a series of employee and customer celebrations and has unveiled a microsite devoted to showcasing Wastequip’s 30-year history, key achievements and plans for the future. Additional events and commemorations are still being finalized and will be announced as they happen.

“As a company that has always been committed to driving progress, it is a true honor for Wastequip to mark this milestone along with the entire waste industry,” said Marty Bryant, Wastequip CEO, in a statement. “Because many of our technologies were the first of their kinds, we have a rich history of striving for more and better, which we continue today through investing in research and development to create new products and solutions, employing top talent, maintaining the highest product quality standards and partnering with top organizations that add value to our company. Our pause for celebration will be brief, though, because all of us at Wastequip remain focused on the future.”

Wastequip Debuts Heavy-duty RockBox Roll-off Container Line

Wastequip, a North American manufacturer of waste handling equipment, has launched RockBox, a new ultra-heavy-duty roll-off container that combines extreme toughness and durability in a lighter-weight container. Made from wear-resistant Hardox steel, the new roll-off containers are four times stronger than ordinary mild steel grades, while weighing 20 percent less and lasting twice as long as traditional heavy-duty roll-off containers, according to the company.

Used widely in European markets, Hardox 450 has a Brinell hardness rating of 450 horizontal beam width and a yield strength in tensile of 159 to 188 kilopounds per square inch (KSI) compared to A36 mild steel at 36 KSI, enabling it to stand up to tough, long-term use.

Wastequip said its new, hard and tough roll-off containers will be the first of their kind in the United States to be made of Hardox material. Wastequip is a certified member of the Hardox In My Body program.

Combining the best traits of Hardox with Wastequip, these new RockBox containers offer several key benefits for waste industry customers, noted Wastequip. The lighter weight, enhanced strength and load optimization capabilities allow haulers to carry significantly more payload than traditional steel roll-offs, while the wear resistance and durability offer a longer service life and reduce repairs and overall cost of replacement. The benefits result in lower operating costs and enhanced sustainability, with fewer loads translating to decreased CO2 emissions and increased fuel efficiency.

“We are constantly investigating new and better options that we can incorporate into our products to improve functionality and durability,” said Kirk Warren, director of product management for Wastequip steel products, in a statement. “Our new RockBox roll-off containers are the first in the United States to use innovative Hardox wear-resistant steel, allowing our customers to increase their capacity, efficiency and sustainability, while reducing the need for repairs, saving them time and money.”

RockBox roll-off containers are available in 15-, 20-, 25- and 30- yard sizes. Wastequip is debuting the products at booth #523.

Terramac Introduces Crawler Carriers for Landfill Management at WasteExpo

Terramac, a manufacturer of rubber track crawler carriers, is showcasing how its crawler carriers are redefining landfill management of municipal solid waste as well as featuring its latest advancements at booth #2463.

“As a first-time exhibitor, we are looking forward to introducing our carriers as an efficient and environmentally sound solution for the waste industry,” said Matt Slater, vice president of sales and marketing at Terramac, in a statement. “Our machines provide operators with the consistency and power that landfills require for a full day of operation while reducing overall stress on the landfill infrastructure.”

Terramac will educate on how landfill operations can capitalize on the versatility of its rubber tracked crawler carriers. Terramac carriers exert low ground pressure, which allows the units to easily maneuver across landfills with rough, wet or uneven ground conditions to accomplish tasks such as hauling dirt for daily cover, performing cell maintenance and various other landfill restoration projects.


“The stability and traction of Terramac units are ideal for every landfill phase. Our machines perform many tasks and easily adapt to changing ground conditions. They serve many purposes, which makes them a valuable asset to landfills and an all-in-one equipment solution for keeping operations and revenue flowing,” added Slater.

Additionally, Terramac is showcasing its customization options. Terramac carriers can be outfitted with a wide array of landfill support equipment, such as industrial spray applicators for applying alternative daily cover or hydroseeding units for reclamation during landfill closures.

Furthermore, Terramac’s RT14R model is on display. According to the company, the RT14R offers even more versatility with a 360-degree rotating upper frame that allows it to dump 28,000-pound loads with a simple straight-in, rotate, dump and straight-out approach. Any added stress on the underlying layers due to turning treads is eliminated.

End of Waste Foundation Offers Blockchain Solutions for Recycling

End of Waste Foundation Inc. (EOW), a public-service corporation based in California, is launching its Blockchain Waste Traceability Software at booth #2347. With rising concerns with global warming, EOW said its first traceability software based on blockchain technology is “providing a tangible solution to the broken system in the recycling industry.” The EOW Blockchain Waste Traceability Software tracks glass waste from hauler, to materials recovery facility (MRF), to glass processor, to manufacturer and back to brand.

“In light of the increasing number of landfills throughout the United States, it is imperative to create awareness and have an understanding of a distributed shared responsibility,” according to EOW. “In contrast to extended producer responsibility, the global community, including sustainable businesses and conscious consumers, will share the responsibility to voluntarily contribute financially toward covering negative costs in the recycling system. EOW will bring value into the system by facilitating contributions that go toward increasing recycling rates, thus continuing the mission to reverse climate change.”

The company also noted that 67 percent of glass waste is sent to landfills because of a lack of transparency in the recycling system. The blockchain platform provides transparency to ensure shared collaboration among MRFs, processors and manufacturers to validate quantities recycled, confirm the activity of each partner and close the glass lifecycle.

Flaming River Industries Offers 500 Amp Battery Disconnect Safety Switch

Flaming River now offers its Battery Disconnect Switch in a 500-amp version. This continuous service 500-amp switch will handle surges of 2500 amps for up to five seconds. It can be installed on 12/16 and 24 volt charging systems.

Features include a glass-filled nylon, high-impact molded body to accept extreme vibrations, IP65-rated water-resistant housing, silver-plated studs and contacts for corrosion resistance. The switch operates with an easy-grip T-handle and includes a light-weight, corrosion-resistant, black anodized lockable aluminum bracket.

Check out what Flaming River has to offer at booth #509.

Coretex Enhances Smart Waste Solution for Cities and Waste Haulers

Coretex, a leader in fleet management and compliance solutions, is showcasing and demonstrating its upgraded Smart Waste solution in booth #4803.

Coretex’s Smart Waste solution for the waste and recycling industry is an evolution of its Air-Trak waste services technology and now an integrated module within the Coretex 360 IoT platform. The product includes a new user interface and mobile applications for fleet dispatchers and drivers, city waste and recycling departments and commercial and residential end users.


“Technology is transforming the waste and recycling fleet management industry by providing increased efficiencies and decreased operating costs,” said Sam Barclay, chief product officer of Coretex, in a statement. “Being able to automatically track performance and monitor the status of work orders in real time, without disrupting drivers, allows operators to proactively update routes, which saves them time and money while keeping drivers safer than ever before.”

The Smart Waste solution offers “a single point of operational truth” for all stakeholders. Features include electronic route sheets, work orders, proof of service verification, photo and video of exceptions, Department of Transportation-compliant driver vehicle inspection report, radio-frequency identification tag data and electronic signature capture. The Coretex 360 technology also provides in-cab performance data such as hours of service, engine diagnostics and fault codes and driver behavior for each truck. This data is communicated to back office systems. The Coretex API integrates with third-party applications such as route planning, customer relationship management, billing and business intelligence tools.

Pegex Showcases PegEx Platform

PegEx is showcasing the PegEx Platform, its recently released cloud-based enterprise software, specifically designed for the waste management industry. The PegEx Platform provides custom tools that waste management companies could utilize to streamline and manage all areas of their business including customer management, sales pipeline, regulatory documents and operations workflow.

Stop by booth #5500 and get a live demo to see how the PegEx Platform can grow, scale and streamline your business.

Sears Seating Introduces C-2PLUS Suspension Seats

Sears Seating, supplier of suspension seats for the waste industry, is introducing what it calls “new levels of comfort” with two new C-2PLUS Suspension seats. One new C-2PLUS has an air lumbar option, while the second new one incorporates dual shock technology along with the air lumbar. Stop by Sears Seating booth #2548 and experience the new seats yourself.

Global Routing Solutions

Global Routing Solutions is launching the latest in commercial routing programs. Visit booth #5128 to see what C.H.R.I.S Commercial Route Recorder and Player can do for your fleet.

“We provide the tools for you to create your own routes to replay for drivers who do not know the route or for training a new driver on a route,” said Global Routing Solutions in a statement. “Eliminate the use of paper route maps or guidance from another driver or loader. You can also remotely view your driver and get notified when your driver is off route. Our program cuts down on distracted driving, missed customers and reduces stress on supervisors and overall staff. Our program will help your company stay on track and increase efficiency, productivity and increase profits.”

Harris Waste Management Unveils Spartan Baler

Harris Waste Management is introducing the Spartan, First Two Ram to make a 43-inch-by-43-inch bale. Features include:

  • Larger and heavier bales will load trucks with less bales
  • Old corrugated containers bales with weight up to 2,200 pounds
  • Bales all paper grades automatically without shredding or fluffing
  • Produces high-density plastic bales
  • Bales nonferrous metals and extrusions as well
  • Bales solid waste and RDF and can be direct wrapped
  • Reduces wire costs per ton
  • Strapper or bagger can be used with this baler
  • Large feed opening 40 inches wide by 85 inches long
  • 5000 PSI hydraulic system allows for lower HP use and less power use

Check it out at booth #277.

FleetMind Unveils Latest in Smart Truck Technologies

FleetMind Solutions Inc. is showcasing its latest, connected technologies for waste fleet management.

“We are excited to once again be participating in the annual WasteExpo,” said Don Diego Padilla, vice president for FleetMind, in a statement. “Our smart truck technology enables solid waste haulers to deliver waste and recycling collection services that are responsive, environmentally friendly and safe. We are showcasing our latest features and functionality for onboard computing, route management, fleet inventory management and third-party software integration to ensure the operation of greener, safer and smarter waste collection fleets.”

Visit FleetMind at booth #1973 to learn more about the company’s latest features, including:

  1. Street sweeping application with back office reporting support
  2. Graffiti removal app with back office reporting support
  3. Integration with third-party route optimization
  4. Integrated route management and billing solution

Have WasteExpo 2019 news to share? Email Waste360 Editorial Director Mallory Szczepanski at [email protected].

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