More WasteExpo 2018 News and Product Updates

Companies continued to make news and product announcements at day two of WasteExpo 2018.

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April 25, 2018

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More WasteExpo 2018 News and Product Updates
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Day two of WasteExpo 2018 brings more news from Mack Trucks, SmartDrive, Thunder Creek Equipment, CBI, Terex Ecotec, Hertlein Industries, Bridgestone, CSI and Goodyear.

Mack Trucks to Offer Refuse Vehicles Wired for Lytx Solutions

Mack Trucks refuse customers demanding further safety features for their vehicles now have the option to spec Mack trucks pre-wired for equipment from Lytx, the global leader in video telematics.

Mack made the announcement during WasteExpo 2018, held April 24-26 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“We are pleased that Mack customers now have the ability to use video to improve upon the safety of their drivers, as well as the neighborhoods in which they operate,” said David Pardue, vice president of connected vehicles and uptime services for Mack Trucks, in a statement. “Our partnership with Lytx will not only help our customers mitigate the potential for accidents but also assist them in identifying new ways to improve operational efficiencies.”


Starting in fall 2018, Mack will offer the option to pre-wire its Mack LR and TerraPro models for the Lytx DriveCam safety program and the Lytx Video Services enhancement.

“Lytx is proud to work with our colleagues at Mack Trucks, a company that shares our mission to advance road safety and help our clients save lives, reduce claims costs and provide outstanding service,” said Eliot Feldstein, Lytx’s senior vice president of corporate and business development, in a statement.

More than 3,000 organizations rely on the DriveCam safety program to help reduce unsafe driving behaviors through video-based driver coaching and predictive analytics. When combined with Lytx Video Services, which delivers features like on-demand continually recorded video, optional live stream and support for multiple cameras, clients can go beyond safety to help eliminate fleet and operations blind spots that keep them from being their most efficient, productive and profitable. Fleets can, for example, use video to identify new and overlooked revenue opportunities, such as overflowing bins, or to provide video confirmation, such as proof of service or delivery verification.

The collaboration builds on the Memorandum of Understanding Mack entered with Lytx in October 2017.

Mack Trucks to Have Fully Electric Refuse Vehicle Operating in NYC in 2019

Mack Trucks plans to have a fully electric Mack LR refuse model equipped with an integrated Mack electric drivetrain operating in North America in 2019. The New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY), one of Mack’s largest customers, will test the demonstration vehicle in its highly demanding operations.

“It’s clear that electromobility will be a part of the trucking industry’s future, and Mack is well positioned to offer integrated, fully electric solutions for the North American market,” said Jonathan Randall, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Mack Trucks North America, in a statement. “DSNY is one of Mack’s largest customers, and the department is known for its progressive sustainability efforts. We look forward to working with them as we test the first fully electric LR model in a real-world application.”

Mack believes that at this stage of electromobility technology and infrastructure development, a fully electric vehicle will deliver the most value within a closed loop application, in which the truck returns home every night, such as refuse. Benefits of fully electric trucks include zero emissions, significantly reduced noise and environmental sustainability. The ability to operate quietly at night is particularly attractive to refuse customers in urban areas.

“The New York City DSNY looks forward to extending our long-standing partnership with Mack Trucks through the testing of the electric LR,” said Rocky DiRico, New York City DSNY deputy commissioner, in a statement. “Sustainability is extremely important to the DSNY, and we consistently test new technology to help New York City reach its goal of 80 percent reduced emissions by 2050.”


SmartDrive Announces Purpose-Built Analytics Solution to Recognize and Retain Quality Drivers

SmartDrive Systems, a leader in video-based safety and transportation intelligence, announced the availability of the SmartDrive SmartIQ Driver Scorecard, which provides fleets with industry-proven, data-driven insights, enabling them to create and manage an effective driver incentive program. Combining the richness of SmartDrive video-based data with interactive analysis capability, the new analytics solution delivers a complete, unbiased view of driver performance in a flexible format that is built to improve driver retention.

Fleets of all sizes struggle to retain quality drivers. American Trucking Associations (ATA) has reported a shortage of more than 50,000 commercial drivers, with a potential to rise to 174,000 by 2026. The average cost to replace each truck driver is approximately $12,000, which makes retaining drivers a key factor that positively impacts a fleet’s bottom line. Many fleets are turning to safety-driven driver incentive programs to maintain steady driver capacity, while demonstrating the company values its drivers and safe performance—ultimately resulting in higher driver retention rates.

Unfortunately, most fleets do not have actionable data based on real-time driving performance. Instead, they must rely on summarized information or historical data, such as the absence of citations or collisions, which do not measure actual driving skills. This practice can lead to rewarding drivers with hidden risks rather than those who are truly driving in a way that is safe and fuel-efficient.

“Today’s fleets struggle with recruiting and retaining experienced drivers. This challenge is magnified by an inability to quickly distinguish top performers from those who are actually costing the fleet money,” said Steve Mitgang, CEO of SmartDrive, in a statement. “To address this growing problem, many fleets are realizing the financial impact of a safety-based rewards program on driver recruitment and retention. Not only is this an effective way for managers to identify their best drivers, as well as reward and incentivize performance based on metrics that matter, but it also helps drivers make more money—and chasing higher pay is the number one reason drivers leave a job. With the Driver Scorecard, SmartDrive enables fleets to pay for performance based on real-time driving data, delivering a powerful competitive advantage while also making the fleet safer and more profitable.”

SmartDrive SmartIQ Driver Scorecard is a purpose-built interactive scorecard that brings key driver performance metrics across safety and operations into one dashboard. This complete, real-time view of driver performance enables fleet managers to measure their drivers across vital metrics, including safe driving, MPG, miles driven, coaching and more so they can quickly recognize and reward top-performing drivers. To help fleets easily integrate the Driver Scorecard into daily operations, SmartDrive is offering the SmartDrive SmartIQ Driver Incentive Starter Package. This solution is ideal for fleets looking to jump-start a data-driven driver incentive program within days and includes best practice metrics and the tools necessary to start a performance-based driver incentive program. Also available is a new eBook titled “Highly Effective Secrets to Building a Successful Data-Driven Driver Incentive Program.”

“Using data to create a program that incentivizes our drivers gives me confidence in knowing that we’re reinforcing safe driving and protecting the motoring public. As a result, I’m happy to pay out for safety. In fact, I hope 100 percent or more of our drivers qualify for our quarterly safety performance bonus!” said Matthew Penland, vice president of risk management at Cypress Truck Lines, in a statement.

Understanding that each fleet is unique with distinct safety concerns, SmartDrive has designed the Driver Scorecard to be customizable—based on more than 70 video-based driving performance observations—to meet each fleet manager’s specific needs and goals. Additionally, managers can easily integrate data from other vehicle systems and combine this data with other analytics solutions from the SmartDrive SmartIQ product family to meet their evolving needs. Unique to the Driver Scorecard is its ability to be tailored to the requirements of specific departments within a fleet: For example, the safety manager can save a different view than the director of operations, based on each department’s specific priorities.

The Driver Scorecard directly benefits drivers by giving them a clear view of how their hard work and good driving can bring them additional monetary and non-monetary rewards. Leveraging the Scorecard and the SmartDrive Driver Application for mobile devices, drivers gain real-time visibility into how their driving performance affects their standing in their company’s incentive program. The Driver Application puts actionable insights—including how certain risks such as speeding, short-following and mobile device use impacts their score—at drivers’ fingertips, encouraging them to self-manage their performance improvement.

“The SmartIQ Driver Scorecard is designed to build upon driver success and continual development of world-class drivers,” said Mitgang in a statement. “It is an essential offering of the SmartIQ analytics solution for Driver Performance Management, which includes actionable data comparing new driver performance to that of tenured drivers, analysis of driver efficiency in the context of trips and insight to risks contributing to collisions and near collisions.”

Bridgestone to Showcase Two New Tires at WasteExpo 2018

Bridgestone Americas, Inc. is showcasing two new all-position radial tires at WasteExpo 2018 in Las Vegas. The Bridgestone M870 and Firestone FS860 tires are designed exclusively for the waste industry and will enter the market later this year. With these two products, Bridgestone expands its portfolio for the waste segment to provide innovative products at multiple price points.

“Tires in the waste segment have to perform in one of trucking’s toughest applications. Waste fleets are looking to maximize uptime and lower their total cost of ownership, so they need tires with exceptional treadwear performance and retreadability,” said Eric Higgs, vice president of commercial marketing at Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, in a statament. “As industry leaders, we strive to provide fleets with intelligent products, best-in-class technologies and services. With these new offerings, we will help make mobility more efficient for our waste customers.”

Bridgestone will display the following products in booth #2635 at WasteExpo 2018:

  • Bridgestone M870 all-position tire: The Bridgestone M870 tire is engineered for urban waste fleets in high-scrub and short-haul applications. The new design provides longer wear performance and features casing enhancements such as cooling fin technology and stone rejecter platforms to increase durability and help maximize retreadability.

  • Firestone FS860 all-position tire: The Firestone FS860 tire features a wide belt package for enhanced casing durability and angled grooves for traction in wet environments. The FS860 tire delivers the first 10,000-pound rated tire from Firestone, and offers a long-lasting tread and retreadability.

  • Bandag BRM3TM retread: Designed for use in all wheel positions, the Bandag BRM3 retread works optimally in refuse environments and features an advanced tread design and scrub-resistant compound for long service life. The Bandag BRM3 retread has been proven to outperform comparable premium new tires in the waste segment.

In addition to the above products, Bridgestone also will demonstrate to waste fleets the role of retreading in achieving the full potential of their tire assets. 

Thunder Creek Equipment Introduces Industry’s First Combo Diesel/DEF Transfer Tank for Pickup Trucks

Thunder Creek Equipment introduces the industry’s first combination diesel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) transfer tank for pickup trucks. This exclusive combo tank provides 100 gallons of diesel and 18 gallons of DEF capacity that fits seamlessly into the bed of pickup trucks (half-ton and larger–including goosenecks and fifth wheels) with both pumping systems concealed within its structure–no elements protrude from the tank. The sleek design ensures excellent rear visibility by taking up no more than half of the rear window.

“We know that many equipment owners are still in the early stages of determining the best way to handle DEF in the field,” said Luke Van Wyk, national sales manager and owner at Thunder Creek Equipment, in a statement. “This combination tank–which takes up a similar footprint as today’s pickup truck tanks–provides owners with an efficient and contained way of transporting both diesel and DEF out to the field in a design they are familiar with.”


The combo tank features a 100-gallon steel diesel tank and an 18-gallon polyurethane DEF tank that can be substituted with a tank and pumping system for engine or hydraulic oil. Both fill nozzles (available in automatic or manual) are located on the driver side of the truck and extend out 10 feet from the tank.

An optional thermostatically controlled DEF heating system is available for use in northern climates that ensures that the temperature of the DEF tank, pumps and hoses doesn’t dip below 25 degrees Fahrenheit. The 12V Webasto heating system is entirely self-contained and runs off diesel from the tank.

Diesel is pumped at 15 gallons per minute (GPM) via an industrial-grade 12V pump, while DEF is pumped at up to 10 GPM. Thunder Creek’s proprietary 2-in-1 DEF pumping solution, which pumps DEF in and out of the tank via a closed system to ensure fluid quality, is also available as an option.

The entire transfer tank and all of its components are concealed within a lockable, weather-sealed enclosure, and comes with diamond plate aluminum doors as an option.

CBI and Terex Ecotec Displaying Equipment at WasteExpo 2018

Solid waste, recycling and organics professionals will have the chance to see Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) and Terex Ecotec machines up close at WasteExpo 2018. CBI’s 5800BT Horizontal Grinder and Ecotec’s TTS 620T Trommel Screen will be displayed in booth 2949.

“WasteExpo is a great opportunity to connect with waste industry professionals and discuss equipment solutions that meet their organization’s goals,” said Art Murphy, director of sales and marketing at Terex Environmental Equipment, in a statement. “CBI grinders have been trusted across recycling industries for nearly three decades because of their rugged design and ability to produce a high-volume of valuable end product. At the same time, Terex Ecotec’s material processing equipment has been successful in advanced recycling markets and is increasingly available around the world. We’ve expanded our booth’s footprint for this year’s WasteExpo to showcase a machine from each product line.”


CBI manufactures and distributes a complete line of portable and stationary grinders, shredders, chippers, flail debarkers and attachments for composting, forestry, biomass recovery and wood waste processing. The 5800BT Horizontal Wood Grinder is engineered for high production and purpose built for contractors dealing with transportation restrictions. Like CBI’s other horizontal grinders, the 5800BT never compromises strength or performance. It’s ideal for grinding whole trees, storm debris, slash and brush, stumps, mulch and can be configured for asphalt shingle grinding applications.

Terex Ecotec is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of wood processing, biomass and recycling equipment. The full product portfolio includes slow-, medium- and high-speed shredders, hybrid chippers, recycling screens with Spaleck technology, trommel screens, waste handlers, windrow turners and tracked conveyors. The TTS 620T Trommel Screen on display features a highly efficient engine and advanced material processing control system. It offers maximum production while minimizing the cost of operation. The trommel screen is ideally suited for screening compost, biomass, soil, gravel and waste.


Hertlein Industries Celebrates 20 Years of Providing Recycling Solutions to the Waste Industry

Hertlein Industries, a full solution provider to the waste industry, has recently re-located its headquarters to Sparks, Nev. Its new facility will employ engineers, designers and shop assembly personnel. Tom Hertlein, CEO of Hertlein, states, “We are very proud to be a vibrant part of the Reno/Sparks business community.”

As a leading provider of technology-based solutions for the waste and recycling industry, Hertlein Industries is currently designing and building control systems that focus on artificial intelligence-driven robotic sorting. Robotic sorting of waste materials is a safer and more efficient way to separate recyclables such as wood, metals and concrete. The company is focused on assisting its customers in the waste industry to continue to improve the environment.

Hertlein Industries is celebrating its 20th year providing complete recycling solutions to the waste industry and is proud to announce its participation as an exhibitor in WasteExpo 2018 in Las Vegas.

Goodyear Strengthens its Total Solution for Waste Haul Fleets

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is expanding its Total Solution for waste haul fleets with a new retread product, a new commercial tire management program and more.

Goodyear will display these and other elements of its Total Solution at WasteExpo inside booth #3549.

Goodyear’s Total Solution consists of trusted products, reliable services and fleet management tools, all delivered by a nationwide network that encompasses more than 2,300 Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Centers and independent, authorized Goodyear commercial tire dealers from coast to coast.

“Goodyear is committed to helping waste haul fleets lower their operating costs, which is why we are strengthening our Total Solution,” said Evan Perrow, senior product marketing manager at Goodyear, in a statement.


New elements of Goodyear’s Total Solution for waste haul fleets include:

  • The Goodyear Endurance WHD retread, which complements the Endurance WHA, Goodyear’s longest-lasting waste haul tire. Designed for the drive axle, the Goodyear Endurance WHD contains a dual-layer tread compound for slow wear and low rolling resistance, a deep 32/32-inch tread depth for enhanced miles to removal, self-cleaning grooves to help evacuate mud and snow and other features.

  • The Goodyear Tire Optix commercial tire management program, through which trained Goodyear tire technicians use a special scanning device to electronically capture tire data like air pressure and tread depth. This information automatically uploads via Bluetooth to a cloud-based platform in real time for password-protected storage and easy access. Data can then be downloaded through the new Goodyear Tire Optix App for immediate viewing by waste haul fleets.

WasteExpo attendees also will have the opportunity to learn about other elements of Goodyear’s Total Solution for waste haul fleets, including 24/7 Goodyear-Fleet HQ Emergency Roadside Service, which helps get waste haul trucks that have been immobilized by road hazards up and running.

Since 2008, the Goodyear-Fleet HQ Emergency Roadside Service program has helped put more than 1.7 million trucks back on the road.

“In addition to traditional waste haul truck tires like the Goodyear Endurance WHA, we will display a number of off-the-road tires designed for equipment used at landfills, waste transfer stations, recycling centers and other facilities,” said Perrow in a statement. “We look forward to showing WasteExpo attendees how Goodyear’s Total Solution can help enhance their efficiency and lower their operating costs.”

CSI Backs netBin for the North American Market

Toronto’s technology and Internet of Things (IoT) specialist CSI has signed as a netBin reseller in a landmark deal.

After extensively researching the expanding smart waste management market, CSI has committed to providing the netBin solution across North America. CSI will be offering the netBin suite of products across multiple collection markets and bring considerable in-house expertise to the table.

FarSite is thrilled to be working closely with CSI as it continues to expand further into North America. There are several very exciting netBin projects in the pipeline, and both companies are working harder than ever to reduce collection costs and increase collection efficiency for Canadian and U.S. clients.

“Today, cities and enterprises are facing a major challenge of complexity in supporting sustainability and efficient operations in collection management,” said CSI Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Stan Muthulingam in a statement. “By combining industry-leading innovation and ecosystems, our collaboration with FarSite Communications removes complexity and brings the possibilities of the IoT closer for smart city initiatives in North America.”

netBin provides fill level reporting, location tracking, temperature, tilt and usage statistics for managers that have full visibility over an entire bin fleet, regardless of the container type or size.

“We are delighted to have CSI on board to supply and support netBin products for the North American market,” said Steve Scott, director at FarSite Communications, in a statement. “We have been very impressed with their technical expertise and willingness to work with customers to improve their efficiency and reduce the costs of their collection systems which netBin enables.”

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