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West Virginia E-Waste Law Goes into Effect

West Virginia E-Waste Law Goes into Effect

A new law went into effect today in West Virginia that enables e-waste to be disposed of in landfills again. Residents can now leave those items at the curb again to be disposed with household trash.

The legislation is similar to one under consideration in North Carolina. In both states there had been a mandate to recycle e-waste. In West Virginia that mandate has now been repealed and North Carolina’s legislature is considering a bill that would do the same thing there. has more.

Under the Bulky Goods Removal Requirement of the West Virginia Public Service Commission, trash hauling companies must remove bulky goods such as electronics, furniture and tires at least once a month for every customer at no additional charge.

Over the past few years, West Virginia experimented with mandating customers to recycle electronics rather than disposing them in the landfill, he said. This resulted in higher than expected costs to not only the consumer, but to the trash haulers, government agencies and non-profit organizations, Reed said.

Studies showed nearly no materials are in electronics that do harm to the landfill and the overwhelming costs and inconvenience were not offset by the mandate to recycle, Reed said.

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