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Hong Kong Becomes Junkyard for U.S. and Guangdong E-Waste

The United States and Guangdong, China, are shipping their e-waste to Hong Kong, which is quickly filling up with massive amounts of debris.  In July alone, government leaders have collected more than 85 tonnes of garbage that have washed up on Hong Kong shorelines.

Alex Lo, a senior writer at the South China Morning Post, has a few choice words for Hong Kong’s environmental leaders:

Officials are always dreaming of turning Hong Kong into a hi-tech hub for this and that. Well, we have certainly become a real hub – for garbage, both regional and international.

Give us your junk, your e-waste and your debris, we take all of it in. Our environmental watchdog is asleep at the wheel, and our government is too timid to demand action from across the border.

Since the start of summer, the city’s shorelines have been deluged with massive amounts of debris, most likely coming from Guangdong.

Read the full story here.

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