Electronics Recycler 3S Adds Partners, Eyeing Growth

Electronics Recycler 3S Adds Partners, Eyeing Growth

Electronics recycling firm 3S International has formed partnerships with several recycling firms as part of its growth plan.

The Mount Pleasant, Mich.-based 3S has formed strategic partnerships with IMS Electronics, Kuusakoski Recycling and Valley City Electronic Recycling. By partnering with recyclers that have different capabilities, 3S can share resources and expand its service region, while proving a safe downstream solution for liquid crystal display (LCD) screens and mercury-containing devices, said Gina Yob, 3S vice president of sales and marketing, in a news release. (Yob is left in the above photo, with Linda McFarland, who holds the same title with IMS.)

The partnerships also will pave the way for 3S to open a new facility in southeast Michigan.

3S said the partnerships have brought in more than a million pounds of end-of-life electronics.

Among the partners, IMS places a focus on risk reduction, and Valley City works with municipalities.

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