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ecoSPIN Event Raises Awareness About E-waste

Participants of the spin class, hosted by ecoATM Gazelle and FlyWheel Sports, rode 15 miles, or the distance of 172,800 phones.

On Wednesday, ecoATM Gazelle teamed up with FlyWheel Sports to host ecoSPIN, an educational, fun and challenging spin class that aimed to raise awareness about e-waste and the importance of recycling.

Participants of the spin class (including Waste360 Editorial Director Mallory Szczepanski and well-known certified personal trainer Anna Victoria) rode 15 miles, or the distance of 172,800 phones, which is only part of the full length (416,000 devices or 36.1 miles) of electronic devices that get thrown out each day in America.

ecoATM Gazelle, which is two brands, one company, gives millions of devices a second life. And with the new iPhone slated to launch next week, the company thought it was the perfect time to educate consumers on what they can do with their old device once they upgrade to a new device. (Believe it or not, the average cell phone is used for less than 18 months, and e-waste is America’s fastest-growing waste stream, accounting for up to 70 percent of all hazardous waste in landfills, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.)

Through its recycling program, consumers can simply and safely trade, buy and sell their electronic devices like cell phones, tablets and MP3 players online or via kiosks located nationwide, all while taking the initiative to create a greener planet.

To date, the company has recycled more than 15 million devices, which is equivalent to removing power from 27,734 households for one year, removing 2,128 cars from the road or removing 6,124 tons of manufacturing emissions from the environment.

Learn more about recycling your device in the videos below:

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