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E-Stewards Announces New E-recycling Standard

Article-E-Stewards Announces New E-recycling Standard

E-Stewards - Electronics Recycling Facebook E-Stewards Announces New E-recycling Standard
The new version is designed to be shorter, simpler and less prescriptive while retaining and improving performance in data security.

The e-Stewards ethical certification program announced the launch of a new version of the Standard for the Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment. The new Version 4.0 is designed to be shorter, simpler and less prescriptive while retaining and improving performance and rigor, particularly in the area of data security.

“In this version, we are taking smart steps to create a far more user-friendly version of e-Stewards while maintaining the rigor and accountability we are famous for,” said Jim Puckett, executive director of Basel Action Network and administrator of the e-Stewards Program, in a statement.

The standard, which has been under development by a subcommittee of the Technical Committee for eight months, will undergo two comment periods. On October 21, a 30-day period reserved for licensed e-Stewards Certified Recyclers and Refurbishers and e-Steward Enterprises will begin. Following that initial review, a final open comment period of three weeks will provide an opportunity for the general public to comment. The final release of the standard is set for February 2020.

The new Version 4.0 draft features:

  • A requirement for separate certification to ISO14001:2015 standard
  • Removal of the integrated ISO14001 text while maintaining ISO ordering
  • A requirement for separate data security certification (NAID AAA) (as of July 1, 2022)
  • Fewer documents required to be prepared and held
  • Performance verification via random unannounced inspections and GPS tracking
  • Incorporation of new Basel Convention trade rules
  • Reduced length (about two-thirds the length of Version 3.1)
  • More user-friendly, clearer, streamlined requirements
  • Publicly available at no cost

“We are proud to be offering the e-recycling industry a business-friendly standard that provides customers with all that they desire,” said Salomé Stähli, e-Stewards program manager, in a statement. “We have created a very appealing package containing the highest levels of data security, international legal conformity and unparalleled performance verification, all now available at a very competitive price.”

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