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Casella Wants to Expand Southbridge, Mass., Landfill

Casella Wants to Expand Southbridge, Mass., Landfill

Officials from Casella Waste Systems want to expand the sanitary landfill on Barefoot Road by six acres in Southbridge and five acres into Charlton, landfill site manager Tracy Markham said. 

In Southbridge, the Vermont-based waste management company wants to seek a limited site assignment for a 1.9-acre parcel and a 4.1-acre parcel, both off Barefoot Road. 

Casella owns land beyond the Charlton line and seeks to expand the landfill with a plan that calls for the installation of a landfill liner on 5.7 acres in Southbridge and 5.2 acres in Charlton. Doing this and completing some other projects that are part of a master plan would extend the landfill's life expectancy to 2024-25, she said. 

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