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We-Cycle Industrial Sanitation has Yet to Begin Service in Benton Harbor, Mich.

We-Cycle Industrial Sanitation has not yet presented the city with the paperwork needed to begin services.

The city of Benton Harbor, Mich., awarded We-Cycle Industrial Sanitation with a contract more than three months ago, but the contractor has yet to present the city with the paperwork needed to begin services.

Over the last three months, some residents have been forced to leave their trash in bags at the curb because former contractor Reliable Disposal has removed their bins from residences and We-Cycle has not yet provided residents with new bins.

At the time the contract was approved, We-Cycle was in the process of buying garbage trucks and equipment from Industrial Sanitation, which is currently providing the city with services via an interim contract. Industrial Sanitation is picking up the trash for the same amount that We-Cycle won the bid for, $17.65 per residential unit, and it’s paying a 5 percent administration fee.

The Herald-Palladium has more:

No contract has been signed between Benton Harbor and its new garbage contractor, We-Cycle Industrial Sanitation, even though city commissioners awarded the contract more than three months ago, on Sept. 5.

City Manager Darwin Watson said he’s ready to sign the contract once the company brings to him the necessary paperwork. We-Cycle was supposed to start picking up the trash Oct. 2.

In the meantime, Watson said he has signed an interim contract with Industrial Sanitation, the company that provided garbage service to the city for 18 years until Emergency Manager Joseph Harris awarded the contract to Reliable Disposal in October 2010. That contract ended Oct. 1.

Read the full story here.

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