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Toronto Sanitation Workers Push Back Against Privatization Plans

Local unionized sanitation workers are pushing back against Toronto Mayor John Tory’s plans to outsource sanitation jobs in the Scarborough area.

Toronto Mayor John Tory believes that more of Toronto’s waste collection should be privatized, but local unionized sanitation workers disagree and are pushing back against the mayor’s plans to outsource sanitation jobs in the Scarborough area.

If the Toronto City Council votes in agreement of outsourcing collection in Scarborough, local union CUPE Local 416 will have to seek advice from its 18-member board to take part in the waste contract bidding process because the union is not “structured” to bid on work.

Toronto Star has more information:

Unionized city garbage collectors will fight Mayor John Tory’s efforts to outsource more than 200 of their jobs while “reluctantly” mulling a bid to hold onto the work if a Scarborough contract is tendered.

“The best option is to keep it in public hands, we don’t want to start selling off public services or public assets. This is ours. This is what we work for in Toronto,” Matt Figliano, vice-president of CUPE Local 416 which has an anti-privatization “Kicked to the Curb” lobbying campaign, told reporters Wednesday.

Read the full story here.

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