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South Lyon, Mich., City Council Approves GFL Trash Contract Extension

The extension comes with a 3.5 percent increase for South Lyon residents.

The City Council of South Lyon, Mich., has approved a four-year extension for the city’s trash collection contract with Green For Life Environmental (GFL).

South Lyon residents will see a 3.5 percent increase in what they pay for services as of July 1. Single-family homes will pay $142.32 each year, while multifamily units will pay $124.92. Rates increases are based on the rate of inflation.

GFL took over the South Lyon contract in the fall of 2016 after acquiring Rizzo Environmental Services, which had taken over for Duncan Disposal Systems just months before that.

Hometown Life has more information:

Mike Csapo, Resource Recovery and Recycling Authority of Southwest Oakland County general manager, recommended that the city extend the contract. There were several questions the council needed to ask about an extension, he said, including whether the city was comfortable with the services provided by GFL.

"I think that the answer is yes, but that is up to council to decide. Is the extension good or better than you would get if you put it out to bid?" Csapo said. "There will be no change in the service level."

Under the extended contract, the rate increases would continue to be based on the rate of inflation, but the top rate of the allowed range would be reduced from 3 percent to 2 percent. 

"Every three years, we do a deep dive into the budget for sanitation services. We look at how sharp the pencil is," Csapo said. "South Lyon is at the bottom or near the bottom for per household expenses. I would be very surprised if you got a better deal going out for bid."

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