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Portland waste collection

Portland, Maine, Seeks Proposals for Solid Waste Collection, Recycling Carts

Bids are open on a request for proposals to privatize solid waste collection and bids for providing recycling carts will open on January 18.

The City of Portland, Maine, has opened up bids on a request for proposals to privatize solid waste collection. And on January 18, the city will open up bids to provide 25,000 wheeled and lidded carts to collect and store recyclable materials.

Bids for solid waste collection can be made on providing the entire service, collecting recyclables, collecting items for compost or collecting the solid waste that is hauled to ecoMaine.

The Forecaster has more:

The future of solid waste collection could be revealed this month when the city opens bids from two private contractors.

Bids on a request for proposals to privatize solid waste collection were scheduled to be opened Tuesday, Jan. 10. On Jan. 18, bids to provide 25,000 wheeled and lidded carts to collect and store recyclable items will be opened.

“We will entertain serious proposals, ones that are efficient or cost-effective,” city Sustainability Coordinator Troy Moon said Jan. 6. “Our city employees do a good job of picking up solid waste. It is looking at what opportunities there might be.”

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