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McLean County, Ill., Board Approves Original Version of 20-year Solid Waste Plan

After two years of discussion, the plan was approved on a 10-8 vote.

The McLean County, Ill., Board voted on Tuesday to approve the original version of a new solid waste management plan, ignoring the changes made by the Land Use Committee earlier this month.

The new plan, which could be in effect through 2037, is designed to decrease solid waste costs and elongate the life of the Pontiac Landfill in nearby Livingston County.

The county board elected to move forward without changes originally suggested by Board Member Ryan Scritchlow, who proposed eliminating government penalties for noncompliance with recycling goals.

WGLT has more information:

The McLean County Board on Tuesday approved the original version of a 20-year solid waste management plan, without the changes passed this month by the Land Use Committee.

The unaltered solid waste plan, developed by the Ecology Action Center over two years with extensive public input, was approved on a 10-8 vote.

Discussion about the plan—a state-mandated roadmap for how the community will manage its garbage and recycling—turned political in recent weeks. The Republican-led Land Use Committee on Jan. 5 stripped language out of the plan that encourages municipal ordinances requiring recycling by commercial enterprises and at apartment complexes. The final version approved Tuesday includes that language.

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