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Houston City Council Could Extend Current Recycling Deal Another Year

The city’s new long-term contract takes effect in March 2019.

After months of debate over a new long-term recycling program, the Houston City Council decided last month to enter into a 15-year deal with FCC Environmental. However, the new program won’t begin until March 2019.

Consequently, the City Council is now debating to extend its current agreement with Waste Management another 12 months. The current deal was agreed upon two years ago in early 2016 and was originally intended to be a four-year deal before Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner shortened it to two years.

Houston Chronicle has more information:

Mayor Sylvester Turner, in the first controversy of his young tenure, tried to lower the price, negotiating a two-year deal at a slightly lower $90-per-ton fee and also agreeing not to accept glass at curbside for the term of the agreement.

It’s that two-year, $5.8 million deal council now is being asked to extend, though the body is not being asked to put any new money into the deal.

That's because, according to a memo posted with the council agenda, the commodities market beat projections for several months, lowering the city's costs, and Waste Management processed fewer tons of materials than expected because recycling was suspended for almost three months after Hurricane Harvey and because glass was removed from the mix.

Read the full story here.

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