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Gulfport, Miss., Mulls Pulling Out of Local Waste Authority and Hiring Own Hauler

There are five sticking points that stand in the way of Gulfport leaving the a local county solid waste management pact.

Gulfport, Miss., has been part of the Harrison County Utility Authority and relied on the entity for collections. But last week the town’s city council approved a new contract with Waste Pro instead.

Gulfport officials said they wanted to negotiate a separate contract because they weren’t happy with the way HCUA and its executive director were administering the contract.

The city and the authority are now taking one more week to settle differences.

The SunHerald has the story:

There are five sticking points that stand in the way of Gulfport leaving the HCUA solid waste management pact and hiring its own company to haul and dispose of rubbish and garbage.

Gulfport officials said they were not happy with the way the HCUA was handling garbage and rubbish hauling and disposal. For example, Mayor Billy Hewes said the side-arm trucks required by HCUA have leaked hydraulic fluid and tend to allow garbage to blow out of the trucks.

The HCUA was on the verge of voting to block Gulfport from leaving for those reasons when it decided to give a settlement one more shot.

“If we don’t find a way to talk about them and agree on them, I don’t know what we’re going to do,” said HCUA attorney Jim Simpson.

“There’s room to talk,” responded Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes.

Read the full story here.

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