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Flint, Mich., Waste Contract in Limbo

Flint, Mich., Waste Contract in Limbo

Flint, Mich.’s city council voted against the mayor’s recommendation to hire Rizzo Environmental Services, putting the city’s trash service in limbo. The city has an existing contract with Republic that’s set to expire on June 30. has more details

As of midnight on Thursday, Flint will not have a waste collection company contracted to haul the city's garbage if the council does not vote on Weaver's recommendation.

Joseph Munem, Rizzo's director of governmental affairs, said the city is obligated to hire their company based on the Flint's charter.

"Clearly the Mayor recommended us based upon the ordinance of the city that states the lowest and responsible bidder shall, meaning there's no options, shall get the contract," Munem said. "We are the lowest responsible bidder."

Officials say they need more time to discuss the details of the proposed $17,418,644 contract that would span over five years for the company to collect the city's trash. Rizzo's bid came in $2 million lower than Republic.

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