Florida City Adds Single-Stream Recycling, Transfer Station

Waste Management Inc. opened a new transfer station in Fort Pierce, Fla., a city that  also launched a single-stream cart recycling program.

The Houston-based Waste Management’s new $1.5 million facility can accept up to 150 tons of municipal solid waste, construction and demolition (C&D) debris, recyclables and bulk materials for sorting and transfer, the company said in a news release.

Fort Pierce hopes to expand its recycling with its new single-stream collection program, and issued more than 5,000 64-gallon blue carts to city households.

Fort Pierce has a recycling rate currently of about 15 percent but has a goal to increase that to 45 percent with the new program, said Mayor Linda Hudson.

Waste Management’s new facility will help the company manage additional recyclables generated through the program, said Jeff Sabin, government affairs manager for the firm.

The company will process the recyclables at its Reuter Recycling Facility in Pembroke Pines, with the remaining waste going to the firm’s Okeechobee Landfill for disposal.

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