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Pilot Program in Grand Junction, Colo., Gauges Interest in Yard Waste Composting

Residents in two different subdivisions have until March 1 to indicate their interest.

The city of Grand Junction, Colo., is currently gauging interest in a composting pilot project in select neighborhoods, which would collect yard waste and transport it to a compost facility instead of a landfill.

The city has asked customers in two different subdivisions if they would be interested in the program, and they have until March 1 to indicate their interest. The program will be offered from April until September of 2018, and it will cost $8 per month.

The Daily Sentinel has more information:

The program provides customers with a separate bin for compost, marked with a yellow lid. Yard waste including lawn clippings, leaves and small branches can be included in this container. Unlike the piles of material accepted once a year for Spring Clean Up, all the waste must fit inside the container.

The collected organic matter goes to the compost facility at the Mesa County Landfill and is turned into compost instead of being buried with other trash.

Composting not only keeps organic waste out of the landfill, reserving space for other trash that cannot be dealt with another way, but it also helps create a usable product from waste that helps build healthy soil.

Read the full story here.


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