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The Metro Waste Authority Board in Iowa Unanimously Voted to Continue Composting

The Metro Waste Authority, who is in charge of waste management in Des Moines, Iowa, and surrounding areas, has voted unanimously against returning to the process of combining waste to combat additional costs from compost bags and multiple bins.

KCCI has more information:

Composting is here to stay in the metro for at least a few more years.

The Metro Waste Authority is in charge of garbage in Des Moines and the suburbs, and they were considering a new plan to allow residents to put yard waste in with regular garbage.

For decades, the Metro Waste Authority has preached the power of composting. Residents have learned to separate yard waste from garbage.

The Metro Waste Authority floated the idea of returning to combining waste to combat the extra cost from compost bags and multiple bins. The idea bombed.

Read the full story here.

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