EPA Updates Engine Emissions Certification Fees

Washington, D.C. -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is updating its regulations for Motor Vehicle and Engine Compliance Program fees, changing the fee structure for on-highway cars and trucks to reflect the increased costs of implementing the EPA's emissions standards. The regulations initially were imposed in 1992, requiring manufacturers to pay fees for the EPA’s certification and compliance activities related to air pollution control in motor vehicles and engines. According to the agency, the new fees are estimated to generate $18 million annually, which will recover the government’s costs and make EPA's mobile source compliance programs self-sustaining. As part of the updates, a new fee structure for nonroad engine and equipment compliance programs established since 1992 has been imposed. Manufacturers will be responsible for paying the fee before they apply to the EPA to certify their vehicles and engines. Visit http://www.epa/.gov/otaq/fees.htm for more information.