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New York Commission Proposes Waste Hauler Rate Hike

Article-New York Commission Proposes Waste Hauler Rate Hike

New York City’s Business Integrity Commission (BIC) has proposed a 15-percent increase in the city’s rate cap for commercial waste haulers, which would be the first rate increase since 2008.

If approved, carters in New York City could charge up $18.97 per yard, or $11.89 per 100 pounds, according to a news release from the Washington-based National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA).

The BIC also has proposed reviewing possible future increases every other year, starting in 2015.

“I applaud the increase in the rate cap,” said Thomas Toscano, chief financial officer of Mr. T Carting Corp. in Glendale, N.Y., and president of the New York City chapter of NSWMA. “With the continued increase in fuel, equipment and labor costs, this rate increase was necessary to maintain the quality of service our customers need. New York City is an extremely competitive market place, so I hope the BIC will continue to address the necessity of having a rate cap at all.”

David Biderman, NSWMA vice president for government affairs, added, “NSWMA is pleased that we were once again able to persuade city officials that the current rate cap is unfair. While we would have preferred the BIC eliminate the rate cap entirely, we will work with them to ensure the rate cap reflects the cost of collecting commercial waste in New York City.”

Representatives of the New York City chapter will testify at an Oct. 2 BIC hearing on the proposal. This is the third time the BIC has proposed a change in the rate cap in response to NSWMA’s lobbying, the association said.

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