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Cleveland’s Got a Plan for Reusing Materials from the Republican National Convention

Materials like electrical cable and plywood will receive a longer lifeline after their use at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Freeman, the company that has been setting up Republican National Conventions since 1984, plans to reuse the leftover plywood and electrical cable for future conventions.

While some items are easy to recycle and find another use for, items like media cables, Styrofoam and unrecyclable plastics can cause challenges when it comes to achieving zero waste event goals.

WKSU has more:

Miles of broadcast cable and thousands of sheets of plywood, not to mention balloons and confetti, are just some of the things that will be left over after the Republican National Convention wraps up later this month. And as WKSU’s Kevin Niedermier reports, an environmentally friendly ending is being planned for most of it.

Carpenters and electricians are racing to transform the inside of Quicken Loans Arena from a basketball venue to a political epicenter by Monday. As the stage rises at mid-court, Greg Lane of Freeman, the company that has setting-up Republican National Conventions since 1984, talks about some of what’s going into the transformation.

Read the full story here.

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