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Global Disposal, Oceanside, Calif., Build Solid Waste Planning Model

Global Disposal is providing a roadmap for cities to meet the amount and plan for all waste-related services.

A new mold has been cracked as it pertains to the relationship between cities and developers and their waste diversion goals for years to come. The city of Oceanside, Calif., in partnership with Global Disposal, has implemented a streamlined model for reviewing development plans and checking for proper compliance, space or waste issues for every project within the city lines—saving time, money and most importantly, headaches.

All too often, due to nightmare occurrences, a project is halted, resulting in significant delays, lost jobs and inflated budgets. Then, the finger-pointing ensues between the developer and city.

Oceanside and Global Disposal have bucked that trend and come up with a solution of their own. With state and city regulations to follow, Global Disposal provides a roadmap for cities to meet the amount and plan for all waste-related services. A lot of cities are not as proactive on the solid waste plan review process, but they do review their waste service, the company noted. Global Disposal stated it is looking to get the developer and city on the same page, while reducing any future points of conflict.

For new developments, tenant improvements, remodels and any other development services in Oceanside, Global Disposal reviews the development plans and makes sure they provide adequate services and space for all streams of waste. For most developers, trash service is an afterthought and usually the last part of the project to be designed.

“There needs to be a dedicated consultant or program to proactively review projects not only for current regulations but for future compliance,” said Shane Beyer, senior consultant at Global Disposal, in a statement.

With the city of Oceanside, Global Disposal is providing proactive feedback to developers during the development process in order to save the applicants and the city both time and money. So, while every department can sign off on a project, the solid waste department has the power to say a certain development won’t work within the framework of the regulations and future codes. By providing this opportunity for developers to pitch their ideas, the consultants can request certain adjustments and approve applications faster.

Generally, developers go through at least three submittals, however, with the Oceanside/Global model, it rarely goes past a second submittal, noted the company. Since the program has been implemented, the city has seen an approximately 30 percent reduction in review time, according to Global Disposal.

“We’re proud to provide this resource for anyone looking to do business in the city of Oceanside,” said Global Disposal CEO Josh Allen in a statement. “The amount of time and resources saved for both parties is invaluable. With this process, developers learn to plan correctly, which leads to cleaner more efficient projects for Oceanside.”

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