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Planning a Future for ‘Mount Trashmore’

Planning a Future for ‘Mount Trashmore’

In the shadow of the former “Mount Trashmore,” trespassing is rampant.

“Those ATVs are horrendous,” Ted Soley said. “They’re up there constantly. Constantly.”

The infamous former West Side Landfill was literally in Soley’s backyard, bordering his property on State Street for thousands of feet. He put up with the noise, stench, truck traffic and legal aggravation that came from the badly mismanaged landfill from its construction in 1981 through its sealing-off in 1997.

But now there’s a chance the land that attracts all-terrain vehicle riders, illegal dumpers and other trespassers will be put to better use — at long last.

The West Side Landfill Authority received a $50,000 industrial site reuse grant to assess the undeveloped part of the landfill property.

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