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Virginia Recycling Association Presents Republic Services with Outstanding Service Provider of the Year Award

The recycling center serves more than 140,000 households monthly and can process between 11,000 and 14,000 tons of material per month.

Republic Service’s Northern Virginia Recycling Center won the Virginia Recycling Association’s (VRA) Outstanding Service Provider of the Year Award, which was celebrated at the association’s annual membership meeting and awards ceremony in Harrisonburg, Va., on October 24, 2016.

"The Virginia Recycling Association is thrilled to celebrate Republic as one of 13 exemplary recyclers honored for our 2016 Recycling Awards," said Debbie Spiliotopoulos, Virginia Recycling Association president, in a press release. "The VRA awards program shines a spotlight on the importance of recycling to Virginia's economy, environmental protection and sustainable management of over 12 million tons of waste generated annually in the state."

The Northern Virginia Recycling Center serves more than 140,000 households and 5,000 commercial and industrial businesses each month and can process between 11,000 and 14,000 tons of material per month. Additionally, the center is equipped with 80 full-time employees; 29 quality control personnel per shift for production of marketable materials; five mechanical sorters including three optical sorters, one magnetic sort and one eddy current; eight screens to include one old corrugated cardboard, six paper screens and one glass screen; two balers for preparing commodities for shipment; and 75 conveyor belts.

"We believe in empowering our customers and communities to do more of the right thing," said Drew Isenhour, area president of Republic Services, in a press release. "This means providing effortless recycling solutions and creating a sustained impact through public education and awareness. We are committed to supporting the evolving recycling needs of our customers and the local communities we are fortunate to serve. We dedicate this recognition to our hard working employees."

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