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Vecoplan Increases Focus on Paper Market

ARCHDALE, N.C. – Vecoplan, LLC has invested in its facility and staff to increase focus on the paper and document shredding markets.

At its Archdale headquarters, the manufacturing and assembly facility was expanded by 7,000 square feet in later 2019 and early 2020 to increase production capacity for the mobile shredding market. “After making available a truck product with a ‘pierce-&-tear᾿ shredder, the uptick in sales meant we needed more space for production. Our single-shaft-rotor shredder is still available and continues to be available to those that need versatility and high security shredding. With the combined sales volume of the two products, we needed to add the square footage to support our customer pipeline,” explains COO Len Beusse.

The facility expansion comprises of a production line to accommodate up to five trucks, one for each stage of assembly. “Whether we have one customer order for five trucks, or five orders for one truck, our order-to-delivery time has been shortened significantly. The discrete workflow system is a hybrid between batch and repetitive, and can favor one or the other processes depending on the customization required. This is optimal for serving our customers,” notes plant manager Mike Dawkins.

Vecoplan LLC Building Expansion_2019.jpg

Vecoplan, based in Archdale, North Carolina, began its facility expansion in late 2019 to meet sales demand for the paper market.

In addition to facility expansion, the company has also hired two new sales people. Keith Coker is based in the Dallas area and covers the central regions of the US and Canada. He joins Vecoplan after spending several years at a large national document shredding services provider. His involvement in running approximately 60 routes per day gained him intimate knowledge of mobile shredding operations.

Keith Coker_Vecoplan.jpg

Coker knows well mobile shredding operations and covers the Central US and Canada for Vecoplan.

In the west, Sean Eliot, based in Southern California, brings ten years of recycling industry experience to Vecoplan customers. He specializes in turnkey size reduction solutions, focusing on affordability and practicality. Eliot also focuses on increasing productivity and subsequent profitability for the paper market. He covers the Western US and Canada for mobile and plant-based paper shred markets.

Sean Eliot_Vecoplan_2.png

Eliot, hired in January 2020, specializes in turnkey size reduction solutions for mobile and plant-based paper markets.

North Carolina-based Vecoplan, LLC, is a subsidiary of Vecoplan AG located in Germany. The company is a leader in the manufacture of industrial and mobile shredding systems for size reduction of virtually any material, selling into plastics, wood, biomass, recycling, and waste, and waste-to-energy markets.

View Vecoplan Mobile Production Plant video

Kirsti Nelson
Vecoplan, LLC
(336) 455-1908

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