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Meridian Waste Announces Partnership with Dossier Systems

Meridian Waste meridian2feat.png

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (August 4, 2021) – Meridian Waste, an integrated, non-hazardous solid waste services company, announced today a partnership with Dossier Systems, a leading provider of fleet maintenance management software.

Dossier Fleet Maintenance Management software uses real-time data to realize increased productivity and cost savings through reduced downtime and maintenance costs, reduce parts costs and inventory, reduce fuel and tire costs, and extending the life of waste collection equipment.

“Maintenance is the foundation for safe operations,” said Walter “Wally” Hall, Chief Executive Officer of Meridian Waste. “Implementing Dossier companywide will streamline the operations at each of our facilities by putting our entire maintenance department on the same system, formalize processes for preventative maintenance, and provide data-driven analytics that will inform fiscally responsible purchase planning and decisions.”

“We’ve worked with members of the Meridian Waste team before and know that their commitment to safe operations is unmatched,” said Jack Boetefuer, CEO at Dossier. “We’re very appreciative that the Meridian team selected us based on their past experiences and our 42-year track record.  We are committed to helping them leverage the system to achieve great results and to supporting them at every step, year after year, as we always do with all customers.  I’m confident that Dossier will bolster significantly the company’s fleet performance by ensuring that preventive maintenance activities are performed on-time, while tracking/optimizing maintenance spending. This will result in improved safety, reliability, and efficiency while lowering Meridian Waste’s cost to operate, among other benefits.”



Photo: Meridian Waste recently held a kick-off meeting in Petersburg, Va., with all company maintenance managers to introduce the Dossier Vehicle Maintenance Software.

About Meridian Waste

Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Meridian Waste is a company defined by its commitment to servicing its customers, caring for and engaging its employees, and generating financial value for its shareholders while delivering a clean and healthy community. The company’s core waste business is centered on residential, commercial, and industrial non-hazardous waste collection and disposal. Currently, the company operates in Northeast Fla., Augusta, Ga., St. Louis, Mo., Raleigh, N.C., Greenville, S.C., Knoxville, Tenn., Blacksburg, Va., Harrisonburg, Va., and Richmond, Va. servicing more than 131,439 residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental customers. In addition to a fleet of commercial, residential, and roll-off trucks, the company operates 12 hauling companies, seven transfer stations/materials recycling facilities (MRFs), three municipal solid waste landfills, and three C&D landfills in which 1,058,999 tons of waste are safely disposed of annually. For more information, visit MeridianWaste.com.

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